A Journey It Is

So this is my first blog post. Lots of thoughts in my head: what to write, express and let out ( keep in mind I started with an idea somewhere in my head). So much to point out and have people understand what it means to be a woman, an African woman, and denied what is rightfully yours. To live in an era where our leaders advocate for our rights as citizens, but little is done. Focus is put on other aspects of the country in relation to economic development, leaving behind this issue of considering women and their role in the development of nations. It is a great deal to many: an issue soft as a feather but hard as a rock. So, what is our take as enlightened people?


9 thoughts on “A Journey It Is

    1. it certainly is. I have studied something that covers this issue and we ought to consider it. kindly inform me of any specific topic you would like me to touch on. this is all about us and making a change


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