Healthy Hair: Long or Short?

Don’t be dazzled by this post, but I think it is something to point out. Want to know why? Well in many cultures it is believed that hair embraces the power of a woman. Up to date, a woman’s hair is described as a symbol of beauty and a figurative statement of power, truth and higher mind. Long hair has always carried a specific importance in the life of many; the epitome of a woman. Religiously, the history of hair goes back, way back to the Bible and beyond. Archaically, women used to shave their heads when their husbands died, like in the case of the Late Kijana Wamalwa. To our other religious brothers and sisters, Lord Shiva had long hair and the sacred Ganga was a product of these long hairs. Prophet Mohammad, Jesus Christ, the 10 gurus of Sikhism and the jogis in Hinduism, all had long hair and beard that was retained as uncut.

There is this thing about women and long hair; recognition of perfection. Some base this on the traditional and religious ideologies, that women should not cut their tresses, not even a single strand.  In these contemporary days, the trend of short hair has impinged on this tradition. As women, we tend to fuss over our hair more than we actually like to admit it. You think I’m lying? Okay Remember your golden days when mama would struggle to make sure that her princess had her hair maintained and show off to her friends whose daughter’s hair just looked like a bunny’s tail?. What about Vera Sidika. Our very own socialite. She looks good, always, and really spends to gain that look. This woman can spend more than Kshs 300,000 on her hair, but I get a chill when my hair dresser, Johnny, goes like “Pay up girl. It’s only 1500 bob”. Like maaaan!!! Really? To Vera, looking that good, in spite of the charges, matters a lot. It reminds her of her physical attraction, and gives her confidence when it looks vibrant. Contrary to her aesthetical well-being, there also is this specific lady that brightness my thoughts and perspective on all this. One Huddah Monroe. Girl can shake what her mama bestowed on her. My point is, she now has SHORT hair. It feels amazing to actually write that. And she is really killing the look with her beauty. These two are on the same social level; both rock their looks, and still appear powerful and influential in their own way.

Now let’s go a notch higher. Lupita Nyong’o and Our First Lady, Margaret Kenyatta. Need I say much? Their social status- check. Position in the community especially among women-check. Most importantly, their HAIR. Short, well-kept, amaaaaaazing is all I can say.

LupitaSo here is the thing; whether you have long, curly, short or straight hair it all boils down to not just a fashion statement but holding a rare spiritual power and energy. How you wear your hair will be considered an expression of your unique individuality. My hair is my crowning glory and my latest Ausfahrt from the fashion norm has left many of my friends asking me why? Why cut it? I basically needed something new, that I could wear with pride and certainly be an expression of how I convey myself to others; though I screamed my guts out on the sight of my long soft hair saying goodbye by a fall. For a second I thought I was being cruel  but the look after that horrific experience was outstanding.

So go on ladies, wear your hair the way you’d like to be conveyed to the world or just try something new and unique. I did and not a day do I regret. Nothing and no one should stop you.



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