6 days To Go!!!

Let’s go people let’s go!!! It’s high time I used my cheer-leading ish ish in my writing; though I was better at it back in high school. Here is why I’m so jumpy today; someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to petition, and I am not talking about the political hubbub going on in our nation and the globe at large, though I must say I am embarrassed by some so-called ‘learned friends’; but that of revolving oppression into something beneficial for women all over; to raise an awareness of issues faced by women and more so, to empower women to do better and feel worthy as God’s creation.
Let me bring this closer to our individualistic aspect of life. If your father was the bread winner of the family and his mshahara was too little to sustain all of you, what would be the best decision to make; have you and your siblings drop out of school to work or have your mother help by getting a job? Or the issue of education where resources are limited in spite of the free primary education programme by the government and failure to go for classes because of that “time of the month”. My point is we need our media houses to draw attention to issues women face, be it education, sexual and gender based violence, reproductive health, economic empowerment, maternal health and also child health, not forgetting the steps taken by Kenyans and others worldwide.
Last year, only 4% (16 hours) of news airtime was set aside for news and stories related to us. Honestly, that is not enough yet politicians and even the Government have used this growing mode of communication in absurd ways; like making a fuss on expensive wheelbarrows when the money used could actually…. I lack words to finish that sentence but you do get my point right? Why not highlight new narratives that will empower and educate people, to eventually have a larger number of courageous men and women working together to bring positive change to our lives as Kenya’s women and girls; the future Wangari Maathai, Margaret Kenyatta and so on.

#TellOursStory and Wezesha Dada
#TellOursStory and Wezesha Dada
It is for this reason that we need 577 more signatures on this petition where we ask Kenya’s media to #TellOurStory (#WezeshaDada) by bestowing five more minutes of media scope every week to converse on matters of concern affecting women and girls. I wouldn’t want someone else telling my story, I mean someone from India, Somalia etc. I want US to tell it as it is. So join in the petition . Be part of the solution


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