Oh Nana!

Why does my vagina smell badFirst things first. Your nana is supposed to have a smell, despite what all those companies whose crotch perfumes may have told you in the past.

The nana is a mysterious place even for us who have one. Seriously. As women, we are stuck between two important journeys in life; discovering our nanas and ourselves. Well, we probably have more journeys to consider but these two right here give us the best foundation we need to survive.

Growing up as a teenager, I would wonder why my nana had a smell. Why I had to stain my pants with this sticky thing that seemed disgusting to play with; that is proof that I was quite a curious child and damn, mama hated the questions I had for her.

Now, I am all grown and understand some of the products lined up on supermarket shelves that I never did before. I am referring to all these ‘special treats’ encouraging us to clean our nanas and have them smelling all heavenly. I used to be afraid of using such products so what I did was just plain silly; I would spray some perfume under my skirts or dresses to…. You know what.

Now, now, now, enough with my silly childish acts and please don’t stare at your downtown palace. I have this covered. I had a not so good experience that made me think of putting up this post. I was not on the infection-side, heavens no. Just a small issue but I needed to see my gynecologist and settle my worries. That is when my class started. Topic? Common vaginal smells. So when do you need to see a doctor, or just switch to some good-all cotton underpants? Read on, let’s drown in some girl talk, friends.

Fishy Scent

This idea is regularly used to put women down, making it hard to talk about the times when it may be a sign of an infection. For instance, bacterial vaginosis is a result of an overload of bacteria thus upsetting the delicate pH balance of the vagina, causing an increase in discharge and yes, that strong fishy odor that increases after sex. Trichomoniasis on the other hand is a common curable STI. Both infections give off a fishy scent that needs one to trust their instincts and see a doctor.


Yeasty/Bread Scent

Could this mean that something is off? Yes

As women, we normally have a small amount of yeast in our vaginas; and often yeast infections do not have any scent but come with several symptoms like itchiness and thick white discharge. However, some faint bread-like odor can be sensed.

Watch out ladies, don’t rely on the smell this time round!


Rotten Scent

Possible cause: Forgotten tampon.

Stop what you are doing and go see a gyn/ob immediately.


This typically means that you’ve been sweating a lot, or wearing extra tight pants or synthetic fiber underwear. I have this right after doing some intense Zumba in the house on the weekens. Washing up with some water and mild soap and changing out of those skinny jeans every now and then should fix things.

Pool-like/ chlorine-like

Your vagina might smell differently depending on the lubricants used during sex and whether or not you’ve used a condom. It’s really nothing to be worried about. Breathe.


Little secret ladies, citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples should be your best friends now. They are magical and sweeten the smell and taste of vaginal fluids.

However, stay away from onions, garlic and asparagus; they’ll cause an “unpleasant” odor and taste.


Bloody Scent

Oh, how I hate this scent. It comes right about during my menses, and the blood mixes with the natural state of my healthy vagina-different but normal smell. Don’t be alarmed.


This is most common right after you’ve had your period or had some intimate contact with semen. Both cases will change the pH of your nana thus differently scented. If it persists, and you haven’t engaged in unprotected sex recently, and comes with some itching or discharge- you know who to look for.


Truth is most women’s natural scent is normal. Yes NORMAL. My hoo-ha must have a smell. All body fluids do have a smell. It doesn’t have to smell like some sort of flowers as advertised on the box of feminine deodorant spray.

Remember, while how your lady flower smells depends on your daily activities and your diet, some of the smells emanating from your pants may be indicative of a health problem, like a lost tampon or bacterial vaginosis infection