To Use or Not to Use

Have you ever realized that the older you get the more responsibilities come your way? Have you ever realized that some people seem to have a smoother way of life than you do? Have you ever realized that instead of taking things too seriously, you should just take some chill pills and think for a minute; what do I want for my life and how am I going to achieve it?
Well, when I take time to unwind after a busy day or week managing social sites at work and the vast information I come across, I tend to think about ‘controversial topics’ that women are now beginning to embrace. My naturally ‘introverted nature’ that has evolved with time used to shy away from the subject of contraceptives or birth control plans. Therefore, I have decided it is time to tackle it head on as per my ability and knowledge.
But . . . Why
Initially, I was to write a post about this and it happened to fall during  sexual health awareness week . Personally, I have a plethora of medical reasons for choosing contraceptives, but…there are some societal reasons for avoiding them. Now don’t get me wrong, I am up for it, but society tends to take us two steps back in developmental processes. “You won’t be able to have little ones,” you will hear one say. Another being will tell you that contraceptives will shut down your reproductive system completely. There are so many things you will hear people say, especially those women who love yapping about their neighbors. I am just stunned by the misinformation circulating around us, the most unhelpful of which characterizes women who use contraception as “sluts” or “moochers”.
Opinions about such women aside, I do feel it is important that people understand birth control also has medical uses aside from preventing pregnancy because it seems that many don’t really understand that fact. That should not be the litmus test (goodbye Chemistry) for an exception. Some use bc to alleviate the pain that comes with menses….so many other reasons that only a woman understands.
In the good old days, herbs were used to address this health issue yet that is not questionable huh!
Do you know of people who were on bc methods and had babies after stopping them? Do you know of those who have issues having babies even though they have never been on them? Coz I know of a few on a personal level. My concern here is that no woman has to justify why they use birth control, but truth is, access to bc is being threatened because people are misinformed about how it works and why it is used. I use this fact sheet to learn a lot about family planning. Go through it. It’s worth it.

“I use birth control because I want to, I can and it’s none of your business.”
It is not economical to go to bed early to save the candles if the result is twins. keep that in mind